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I'm Keith. I help people navigate and integrate their healing process so they can live freely and fully.


What is integration coaching?

When healing is done the right way, it leads to peace, joy, and love. However, to get there, you have to visit the darkest parts of your past, feel the very things that you suppressed for a reason, and confront parts of yourself that are hard to look at. It's a total life-overhaul that affects your relationship with everyone and everything, especially yourself. 

That's where integration coaching comes in. Having someone who knows the healing process from start to finish can help you go through the darkness in order to find wholeness and inner peace. It's hard to break old habits, end unhealthy cycles, and make new choices in order to have a different life. No one can do it for you, but the right coach can help you navigate the journey so you come out the other side happy and free.

Are you a good candidate?

Are you ready to get to the root of your problems, no matter how hard it will be?

Are you tired of protecting
yourself all the time?

Are you struggling to make
peace with the past? 

Have you been to therapy, but feel like it helped temporarily, or not at all?

Do you live with guilt, shame, or fear?

Are you afraid to feel negative emotions?

Is the voice in your head constantly
making you suffer?

Are you afraid to be yourself, or do you question whether you know who you are?

Are you looking for deeper, more
meaningful spirituality in your life?

Are you aware of your ego, but
seem to break free?

Do you feel stuck or trapped?

Are you struggling to find meaning
or purpose in your life?

My name is Keith Crossley. I'm an integration coach, speaker, entrepreneur, and author of the book, A State Within Light: The Path to Enlightenment. With first hand knowledge of the healing process, and a deep understanding of the inner workings of the ego, I use a personal, practical approach that makes healing and self-actualization approachable for anyone. To learn about my core coaching principles,


I'm on a mission to help people end their suffering once and for all. I'd love to work with you. 

Let me introduce myself

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